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Hello and welcome to prfanfiction (a.k.a Power Rangers Fanfiction). I'm your lovely, yet quite possibly insane owner pink_thunder17. This community was created for all members of the Power Rangers fandom to come & post their stories, drabbles, challenges, etc and get comments, questions and criticisms on them. It's also a great place to use as a sounding board for new stories, or to even to try and find a beta reader (Which seem to be few and far in between these days...)

That being said, I'll introduce you to my partner in crime, the lovely and talented beckyhelene

Between her and I, we're the Mod Team for prfanfiction. We're recruiting too! Always recruiting heh...


Teh Rules

There aren't very many rules that you have to follow, but I will warn you; If I or one of my mods catches you bashing or insulting an author (Or for that matter a reviewer) you will receive one warning. If you choose to ignore that warning and it occurs again, the punishment might not be as light.

Adult Concepts/Content (ie., Ratings)
All ratings are accepted. And as we all like to enjoy and share fics, this comm will remain open. However, it will be the responsibility of the individual authors to filter their works appropriately. Any fic found to be of 'explicit adult content' without having the filter turned on, will immediately have that filter applied by a mod and the author will get a warning/reminder.

Persistent non-compliance with not following the above filtering rule will result in the author being placed on a moderated status and/or banned from further participation in the community. I'm not joking here folks. LJ has gotten quite serious with its lock down of adult themes finding their way into the hands of minors, and I will not take the heat for someone else's lack of responsibility. You wrote it, you filter it.

Anything else? Probably. For additional questions, hit up the FAQs.