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Full of Surprises: Part Two

Full of Surprises
Part Two: Surprise Admissions

Note: I do not own Power Rangers, I do not make a profit from writing this.
Authors Note: Ask and you shall recieve! This is a hopefully more humorous take on this relationship and the surprises that happen in life.
Timeline: After Dino Thunder, after "Once A Ranger"
Rating: T (language, content)
Genre: Humor/General
Summary: One small decision makes a life altering surprise for the good Doctor Oliver.

“Surpriseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,” Kira Ford drawled sarcastically again as she stood, showing off her pregnant form by waving her hands.

“Kira,” he said, trying to form a coherent sentence but right now all he could think of was ‘WHAT!?’. “Um, you’re…”


“I’m the…”

“Of course,” she scoffed, sounding offended.

“It’s been three months…”


“You look huge.”

“Wow, you’re an asshole.”

“NO! Not like that, I mean for three months usually women don’t show that early!” Kira shrugged and wiggled her swollen toes.

“Yeah. I’ve been told. We’re probably having twins.”

“Oh my God.”




“Why didn’t you tell me? We spoke every day since you left!”

Kira sighed and sat down and he knelt on the floor in front of her, which was good because if he passed out, he wouldn’t land face first into the coffee table.

“I don’t know, I figured if I told you either you would never talk to me again or propose to me as soon as I came home because it’s “what’s best for the baby”,” she sighed, making finger quotes as she spoke.

“Kira, I would never stop speaking to you. And I won’t propose to you for the good of our children, I would propose to you because I love you,” he said mildly and she rolled her eyes.

“And you love me because I’m having your babies…oh God!”

“What?” he asked, panic rising in his voice.

“We’re mutants! Our DNA! They are going to get our DNA! Oh my GOD I’m having dinosaur babies! What if it comes out with a lizard head?” At this point Tommy couldn’t help but laugh and she punched him.

“That ISN’T funny!” She shouted, her lip quivered and he calmly reached up and held her to him.

“Kira, we’re not having Lizard babies.“

“How do you know?!” she demanded and frankly that was a good question.

“Gut feeling?” and she growled in his ear and he stifled a laugh.

“You’re an asshole.”

“I have a feeling that will be my new name from now until you have our children,” he said and pulled away with a smile, “And I don’t just love you because you’re having them. I love you because you’re you.”

“That sounded really, really lame.” He shrugged.

“Given how you just dumped the fact you’re three months pregnant by me, carrying more than one obviously then had a breakdown that you’re having “lizard babies”, that’s the best you’re going to get out of me,” he told her and she sighed.

“I’m so sorry I’m such a mess,” she told him and looked like she was going to cry, she raked her fingers through her hair and pouted at him.

“But you’re my mess and even if these kids weren’t mine, I wouldn’t let you go through this alone. I do care about you Kira, believe it or not,” he paused, “Does your Mother know about this?”


“And?” he asked, gesturing her to continue.

“She’s not happy I’m pregnant but she is happy that it’s your fault,” she told him and he laced his hand through hers and wiped a tear that fell from her eye.

“I’m surprised to hear that,” he told her and Kira shrugged.

“Don’t be. She likes you, said you were the best thing that ever happened to me, even when you were my teacher. You gave me purpose, focus and strength. And she knew I had the hots for you since high school so she wasn’t surprised I pursued you and had my wicked way with you,” she told him and he actually laughed.

“I don’t recall you pursuing me. I recall you storming my home, trying to seduce me and we both agreed to have sex, that decision wasn’t one sided,” he replied and she winked.

“That’s what I wanted you to think. There was no way I was going to leave without going to bed with you.”

“At least you’re honest about it.”

“Yup, that’s me. Also, just a warning, just about anyone who knew me, knew I wanted you.” He stopped and looked at her with a very unreadable expression which caused her to begin to chew on her lip again.

“What do you mean?” and she gave him a puppy eyed look as she explained.

“Well remember how the guys and I and Cassidy and Devin all took that limo home?” she asked and he nodded, “Well we all got a little drunk and if you think I’m honest now, I’m even more sincere when I’m drunk apparently. The guys told me later, as did Cassidy, that I announced I wanted to bang you. Also that I would never bang Conner, I might bang Ethan if he wasn’t like my Brother and I’d have to be completely hammered to do Trent. After all the sht that went down between us.”


“Yeah. Be glad you didn’t ride along, though the guys learned that just about every girl and a couple of guys felt the same way. You were basically voted “Hottest Teacher to ever grace the halls of Reefside High”. What an honor, huh?”

“Oh…my…God…”he groaned into his hand as he smashed it to his face, “You like to make things more awkward for me than they already are, huh?” he asked, Kira shrugged.

“Well maybe if you weren’t so hot this wouldn’t have been a probably. Grow a full beard and start wearing only flannel…”Then she paused, “God, I’d probably still find you hot. What’s wrong with me?”

“I don’t know. Did you like Al Borland as a child?” he asked and she laughed hard.

“Haha. Hmm maybe I do have a secret lumber jack fetish…” she said and the look on her face made him laugh since it looked like she was actually contemplating the answer.

“Are you going to be like this for the whole pregnancy?” he asked, she bobbed her head ‘yes’.

“Yup. And you will have to shut up and deal with it. All my weird cravings, how I can’t keep a train of thought, my weight gain, and my sex drive. Enjoy.”

“Oh, I will. At least I’ll never be bored,” he told her and they hugged.

“Good. Because it’s game time and I’m telling Ethan.”



Kira’s voice dropped two octaves as she spoke into the headset as she moved her character through the virtual world.


Ethan’s voice could clearly be heard over Kira’s headset as his character approached him.

“Is it just us?” she asked.

“Yup. Sam’s at work as is everyone else, why?” he asked with a suspicious tone, “You’re not going to try to seduce me are you? I’m not Doctor O, you know.”

“OH MY GOD. YOU TOLD HIM!?!” Tommy shouted and Kira jumped and then punched him.

“I tell him everything. Including when I’m on my period, I hide nothing from him.”

“Oh if that were so, why is your location now in Reefside, missy?” Ethan shot back, clearly listening in.

“Because I came home. I have something big to share,” she said and Tommy watched as Ethan’s character made some suggestive movements. Kira watched for a moment then shot his character.

“Damn it, Kira! I was kidding! You didn’t have to get on the game to tell me you’re knocking boots with him again,” Ethan said as they watched his character respawn.

“If that were the case I would have called. Ethan, I’m pregnant.”


“Ethan, that’s not funny.”

“Sure it is! Can Doctor O hear me?”

“Yes, Ethan,” Tommy said flatly and they watched as Ethan’s character waved.

“Hi Daddy O!”

“Zordon, what did I do to deserve this?” Tommy asked looking up, had Kira not heard ‘Zordon’ she would have assumed he was praying and looking to Heaven. But she knew he was “looking” to outerspace.

“Alien’s can’t help you, Doctor O. Condoms would have.”

“Oh God…”

“Ethan, shut your face, you’re going to give him a stroke and then YOU’RE going to raise these mutant babies of ours with me,” she growled.

“The hell I am! Wait…you said ‘ies’ AHHHAHHAHAHAHAHA. Good going you two!” Ethan was howling with laughter to the point Kira had to remove her headset. And for good measure she shot his character again, which was promptly greeted with “Damn it!”.
To Be Continued.
Conner and the rest of the "crew" find out next.
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