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Full of Surprises

Full of Surprises's full of them

Note: I do not own Power Rangers, I do not make a profit from writing this.
Authors Note: Ask and you shall recieve! This is a hopefully more humorous take on this relationship and the surprises that happen in life.
Timeline: After Dino Thunder, after "Once A Ranger"
Rating: T (language, content)
Genre: Humor/General
Summary: One small desicion makes a life altering surprise for the good Doctor Oliver.

Doctor Thomas Oliver looked from his recipe to his bowl; somehow he knew he messed up. He was no Iron Chef and apparently this recipe was way out of his league. With a sigh he tossed the bowl into the sink and grabbed a takeout menu from near his phone. He flipped open the expansive menu…hmmm...this could take some time. He grabbed a beer from the fridge and plopped down on the couch. That’s when a knock sounded on the door before it burst open.

“Go ahead! It’s open,” he called mildly, only four people in the world made their way into his house like that.

“Well duh! You never lock your doors, it’s a bad habit!” She replied. The voice surprised him, he expected one of the boys, but no. It was Kira Ford, he had no idea she was back in town and from the sound of her bags hitting the floor, she had just came back.

She bounded into the living room and threw herself down next to him, grabbing the beer and menu. Taking a swig, she made a face and handed it back, but kept the menu.

“Help yourself,” he told her as she looked at him and beamed her 1000watt smile.

“You know you’re gonna get the General Tso’s Chicken, hot. With a pint of Wonton Soup, extra crispy things and an eggroll,” she replied mildly. He looked at her and blinked.

“You remembered my order?” he asked, she nodded.

“It’s the same thing. I mean I was pretty much living here, we ordered Chinese at least twice a week,” she told him, “Me on the other hand, never ordered the same thing twice and tonight I’m thinking chicken.”

He smiled and watched her gloss over the menu; she was thinner than she had been in High School. Probably from the constant traveling to promote her album and the pressure to be practically anorexic, but at least she still had her appetite. She was wearing black pants and a yellow top and her hair color was different. Had her hair not been straight, he never would have noticed.

“I’ll have the chicken and broccoli, some of your soup and a spring roll. Make sure to get fortune cookies, I’m gonna shower,” she informed him as she got up. She stretched and he winced at the cracking of her joints. She grabbed her back and headed off to the bathroom.

Maybe it was old age, maybe it was the fact that he couldn’t say ‘no’ to her, maybe it was the fact he was lonely but he didn’t mind that she barged right in and made herself at home. She did it during her year as a Ranger and apparently it still entitled her to a free pass to his home. But he knew he really, really didn’t mind. He grabbed his phone and placed the order, which would be ready in 15 minutes and it’d take him 10 just to get to town.

“I’m getting dinner!” he yelled, hoping she could hear him.

“Ok! Lock the door! I don’t need some murder/rapist sneaking in while I’m in the shower!” His head shot towards the general direction of the bathroom.

“Uh, Kira, this is Reefside, in the boonies. No one knows I live back here!” He shouted, she had either been away too long or she was just not used to staying in a safe area.

“Whatever! Just lock the door!”

When he returned the door was unlocked, signaling Kira was out of the shower. When he headed into the kitchen, he found her sitting at the table, wine in hand, her damp hair was hanging around her shoulders.

“I hope you don’t mind,” she said, raising her glass and he shrugged.

“I don’t drink it, it’s mostly for guests so go ahead,” he heard her mutter ‘sweet’ and finish it off in one gulp before pouring another. “Thirsty?” he asked, she shot him a dirty look that looked more like a pout than a serious glare.

“Yeah. It’s been a long year. I feel like I’m getting nowhere and I miss home,” she told him and as they began to dig into their food, he looked at her.

“Why here? Why not to your Mom’s house?” Her eyes met his and she smiled softly.

“This is more home than her place. Even back then, she was never home, she works 12 hour shifts to afford her dream house. I know she loves me but I always felt like a burden, I was always welcome here. You never minded when I showed up and raided your fridge or when I got bored and crashed on your couch. That meant a lot to me, it still does,” she told him, her doe eyes locking with his.

“I had no idea, Kira. Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked, she shrugged.

“I dunno. And I woulda stopped by Ethan but its Game night so even if I was there, the only way he’d interact is if I was gaming. I actually bought a system so I could “see” him when I was on the road. It’s actually pretty fun to game with him and Sam, sometimes Trent and Devin join us, then that sht just gets crazy,” she laughed.

“Good to see some things never change,” Tommy said with a smile.

“Nope. So, movie? If you have any, I know it was pretty slim pickings when I was here last,” she said with a wink, “And just in case, I brought some.”

“I’ve got some, but what did you bring?”

“Inception. I’m kinda obsessed with it. It’s a great story and visually its great but I love Hans Zimmer’s score. He’s so brilliant. I also have Spartacus: Blood and Sand, I know it’s a series but I’m hooked on it, I thought it’d be horrible but the plot is actually really good. I also have Tangled…” he looked at her and tried not to laugh, she seized a pillow from nearby and threw it at him, “Hey! I’m a Disney kid! I could burst out singing song from any movie right now! And Tangled is adorable!”

“What do you think I’d like best?” he asked, sitting down, placing a new beer on the table and her glass and wine bottle down beside it.

“Well Inception is good, but long and you’d have to pay attention. I think you’d like Spartacus, lots of blood, violence and some pretty hot sex scenes,” she said like it was the most normal thing she could ever say. He just arched his eyebrow.

“And that won’t be weird and awkward for you?” he asked.

“Nope.” She said without missing a beat.

He always valued her honesty and he knew she appreciated his. She never denied she had feelings for him or that she was attracted to him. He’d been denying his but enough time had passed that he believed the fact she had once been his student could be glossed over.

She was 24 and a rising star; that was who she was now to everyone, even people who grew up with her. But to him, she’d always be Kira, the girl with a semi-bad attitude, who never left her guitar and had helped save the world and his life…twice.

“Then put on Spartacus,” he told her and she cheered.

“I’ll fill you in real quick and just to warn you, the episode I’m on is called “Whore” and is probably gonna be nothing but sex,” she said with a wink and he sighed, and had no idea what to expect.

Hours had passed and she was very right about many things. Spartacus was a good series and he did enjoy it. There was an obnoxious amount of blood to the point it bordered on cheesy, lots of violence which made his blood race and plenty of sex as she said. He looked away at points to see her eyes glued to the screen, completely absorbed in the show. They had watched the remaining episodes and the finale blew them both away though at the end he had to ask one thing.

“Kira, did you make me watch that to seduce me? I mean sure it had lots of violence but it had a lot of sex, which you were all too keen on telling me about,” he asked, she smirked.

“Maybe,” her smile grew more mischievous, “I’ve been kinda lonely,” she said, exaggerating on the ‘lonely’.

“You didn’t have to make me watch that to seduce me,” he told her frankly and she smiled, her eyes taking on a darker gaze.

“I didn’t think so, but I know it didn’t hurt,” she winked, “Aren’t you tired of being lonely?” she asked, though they were close together, she inched until her body was draping on his. He knew she wasn’t drunk and neither was he.

“Are you sure you want this?” he asked and she nodded and brought her lips to his.

“Upstairs,” she almost growled after they broke the kiss, and he didn’t have to be told twice. He effortlessly picked her up and hurried up the stairs, causing her to burst out laughing.

He awoke sometime in the night and found Kira sitting up, looking at her phone. He reached over and placed his hand on her bare hip and she turned to him. She tossed the phone away into the darkness and cuddled to him. She placed her cheek onto his chest and he felt tears hit his skin.

“Kira, what’s wrong?” he asked, she shook her head and made a noise.

“Nothing. Nothing really, no one’s dead. It…I…”

“Do you think we shouldn’t have done this?” he asked, she shook her head as she sat up and looked down at him.

“No! No, it isn’t that. Or us. It’s me. I just found out I’ve been asked to open on one of the major tours this summer. I can’t say no, this is major exposure for me…but I wanted some time home…here, with you and the boys. To be me for a while…”she said and he reached up and cupped her face, brushing her hair from her eyes.

“This is your dream Kira, if this is what you need to do to accomplish it, do it. We’ll all be here when you get home,” he said with a smile and she half smiled back.

“It’s just so sudden…” she told him and flopped back down next to him.

“Isn’t that the life of a rising star?” he asked and she shrugged.

“I guess,” she told him and he kissed the top of her head.

“I know you’ll be fine and you’ll get the fame you deserve,” he told her and she smiled a full, happy smile at him.

“Thanks. It means a lot to me that you believe in me and are telling me to do this,” she said and he smiled at her.

“I just want you to be happy,” he told her and he felt her body sag in contentment.

“I already am, I’m where I belong,” she muttered and drifted off to sleep.

4 months later

The road to his home was bumpy and getting rougher, he humored the thought of fixing it or getting it paved but for now, he’d leave it alone. As he stepped outside, he sensed something and he couldn’t shake the feeling. Grabbing his briefcase and coat, he walked up the porch and unlocked his door. He toed off his shoes and set down his case and hung up his coat.

As he walked into the living room, he stopped in his tracks. Dressed in a more matronly light pink top, Kira looked up at him in surprise, which was odd since this was his home. Then he realized something and looked at her again, down to where her hands rested, on her expanded stomach.

“Kira…is there something you want to share?” he asked in complete shock, and she looked up at him with a blank face.

“Uh...surprise?” she said dully and she began to chew on her lip.

To Be Continued
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