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PROO - Cupcakes Ch.2

Title: Cupcakes Ch. 2: Hammock Friendship
Author: terrierlee
Fandom: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
Characters/Pairing: Mack, Dax
Disclaimer: I don't PROO or any of the characters.
Word Count: 1057
Notes: This story was dedicated to my friend angel_negra, because March is a sucky month. It should end already. And well, this wasn't supposed to be the second chapter of this. In fact, Cupcakes was supposed to be a one-shot, but Dax needed some love too, so he got some. Woo. In fact, if there are more chapters of this, it'll basically be random Mack/Dax friendship moments, in no particular order.
Summary: In the aftermath of the Rangers' victory, Mack helps Dax in finding out what he REALLY wants to do with his life. Spoilers for Crown and Punishment.

It was over. No matter how many times Dax thought about it, the whole thing seemed so... surreal. For a year he was a Power Ranger, a Blue Power Ranger, and now, he wasn't. The crown was home with the Sentinel Knight, Flurious and the other bad guys were destroyed, and Mack was human. The perfect ending to the perfect movie. Ty even found his fiancé, Vella, after all this time.

In the aftermath of the celebration, the Rangers helped clean up the Hartford mansion before packing up their belongings, ready to get back into their normal lives. Dax was the first to finish packing. He didn't have much to begin with, with him being a lousy stuntman and everything. He walked around the grounds, taking in the surroundings he would probably never see again.

He came across Mack's trusty hammock and sat down, letting the contraption swing back and forth as he lay down. He was going to miss this place. After all this time, after befriending his fellow Rangers, Mr. Hartford, and Spencer, he was going to go back to being that guy who did stunts but got no credit afterwards. His mind wandered back to when the mixed group of Rangers came to help them out, and how he went back to his old job, and how dull it made him feel. Maybe being a stuntman wasn't Dax's dream job. Sure it was great, but he never got any respect for it.

Dax wasn't sure how long he'd been in the hammock, or when his eyes closed to the point where he fell asleep. A shadow fell over his eyes, and he groaned as he opened them, "Wha?"

"Hey Dax. Sleepy?" The tone was humorous, but at the same time quiet. The Overdrive Blue Ranger groaned again, lifting a hand to rub his eyes as he tried to sit up. He blinked a few times, eyes slowly coming to focus.

“… Mack? What are… shouldn’t you be inside with the others or… huh?” The hammock rocked a bit as Dax got into a comfortable position. He shifted, butt strangely close to the ground, “Hey Mack,” The red ranger nodded, “Why’s your hammock so low?”

Mack rubbed a hand behind his head, leaning against the pole the hammock was tied to, “Uh, I suppose it was because I kept falling off of it when I fell asleep reading my adventure books. Spencer kept lowering it so I wouldn’t hurt myself.”

Dax rubbed his eyes again, “Huh. So,” he looked in the direction of the Hartford mansion, “why aren’t you inside with the others?”

A shrug, “Why aren’t you?”

The Overdrive Blue Ranger opened his mouth to reply, but nothing came out. He shut his mouth, looking down as he thought about it. Why wasn’t he inside, where his friends were, probably laughing and having a fun time before going back to their normal lives?

Dax bit his lip, the sun suddenly harsh against his eyes, “I guess… I wanted to be alone for a while, before we had to leave.” Yeah, he wanted to be alone. Just like he always was. Everyone was having fun; they wouldn’t notice the absence of their Blue Ranger.

The now human Red Ranger crossed his arms, “Really? Because Ronny was asking where you were, something about a… shirt?” Dax blushed, looking at his hands. Oh yeah, that. During the whole not being a Ranger thing and getting replaced, all of Ronny’s shirts were dirty, she didn’t want to wear pink, and so she ambushed Dax to forking over one of his shirts. She promised to give it back as soon as possible.

As far as he knew, she still had it.

He looked up again, just in time to catch Mack’s eye before the Red Ranger sharply looked away, “Yeah. Right. Uh…”

Mack was staring at the ground, seemingly interested in a line of ants that made their way back to their anthill, “Yeah.” He shifted a bit, uncrossing his arms and hooking his thumbs in his front pockets, “So Dax, what are you gonna do? Now that… you know, this whole thing is over.”

The Blue Ranger shrugged, “I was thinking about going back to my old job… but, after the whole thing with Thrax, I realized it wasn’t for me. So, I don’t know. Probably will try my hand at something else. See where I fit in.” He shifted again, his right leg now hanging off of the hammock, kicking at some grass. “I guess, being a Ranger made me look at life a little differently. I’ve always imagined being the best lead actor in the best movie, I’d be talked about for years… but that never happened. And then I got that message from Mr. Hartford… I wasn’t the lead, but I was part of something bigger than that.” He gave off a laugh, “Maybe… I don’t know. I don’t know what I’ll do.”

“Hm…” Mack tilted his head, “Well, you’ve been in the acting world for a long time, right?” Dax nodded. “And you seem to understand the basics…” Another nod. “Well, why not direct?”

Dax blinked. “Direct?”

The Red Ranger nodded, “Yeah.” He straightened up, “Listen, you’re done with being an actor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t direct! You have the experience! Why not use it to help out others who were in your shoes?”

Nodding, Dax grinned, “You’re right, Mack! Just because I don’t want to do stunts anymore doesn’t mean I should leave entirely!” He jumped out of the hammock, stumbling a little, but regaining his balance.

Mack smiled; happy he could help a friend who was down. He looked about ready to say something else when Spencer cried out to them, telling them that everyone was packed and ready to head back out into the real world. The former Red Ranger shook his head, gave Dax a pat on the shoulder before heading back to his home. Dax blinked, but snapped out of it, quickly trying to catch up with Mack.

Later, when Andrew assumed what Dax wanted to do, the former Blue Ranger grinned, giving Mack a quick look before telling everyone what he planned to do next. No one looked sure with his decision, but Dax was. If Mack approved of it, it must be a good idea.
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