[FIC] Perfection, Explicit, Adam/Scorpina, by Hagar

Title: Perfection
Length: 3,331 words
Characters: Adam, Scorpina

Rating: Explicit
Content Advisory: consent play, some pain play, altered mental states
Author's notes: oh god I have been trying to write this for years.

Summary: He wonders if she’ll let him beg for a larger dose, and he thinks she won’t. She’s never let him before. He can never choose more. He also knows that the despair of how badly he needs to be her puppet, her plaything, anything so long as it is hers, is driven by the poison, her poison pushing all of him away, as insignificant as the weak, traitorous body he cannot feel and therefore cannot control.


Rocky and Aisha

Hi all! This is my first entry. I was just wondering, does anyone know where I can find some Rocky & Aisha fanfics? I've been to but I want more..LOL I'm in the mood to read some fanfics about them. Hopefully, someone can help me :)
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Fic: Home (Power Rangers, Troy centric)

Title: Home
Fandom: Power Rangers
Chars: Troy, Rocky and Team
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Troy isn't sure about the new house, the new family or his past. Rocky tries to reassure him.
Disclaimer: I own nothing to do with Power Rangers. It’s not my toy box and I’m merely playing.
A/N: For pockythoughts, since she gave me the bunny and looked it over for me! Thank you so much! I borrowed the idea about Casey from angel_negra. Thank you!

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MMPR - Old School

Fic: So You Want to Be a Power Ranger?

Title: So You Want to Be a Power Ranger?
Author: TheSecondBatgirl
Rating: G
Summary: Why you shouldn't annoy your tech, what to do when your long-lost sibling turns out to be a villain, and more advice that the Power Rangers pass on to their new teams.
Seasons: Multi-season/Samurai
Author's Notes: This originally started as a joint project with psyco_chick32. Approximately half of the chapter titles were written by her.

So You Want to Be a Power Ranger?

[PRS, PriS] Hand In Hand, G, by Hagar

Title: Hand In Hand
Length: 2,361 words
Characters: Mia, Jayden, Antonio, Cassie Chan
Rating: G
Content Advisory: rated G; mentions and allusions of various Bad Things That Happen
Author's notes: Based on idea by keeperofqkeys. Written for VampirePaladin as part of Alpha's Magical Fic Exchange.
Summary: Cassie Chan’s first album had gotten Mia through the hardest times in her life.

Hand In Hand