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PROO - Cupcakes Ch.3

Title: Cupcakes Ch. 3
Author: terrierlee
Fandom: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
Characters/Pairing: Mack, Dax (If you squint really hard, you can see a bit of MackDax)
Disclaimer: I don't PROO or any of the characters.
Word Count: 726
Notes: This is a birthday present to angel_negra.
Summary: Sometime in between Kick Into Overdrive and The Underwater World, Mack and Dax bond while the others are out finding a jewel.

Ch 1 Ch 2

There was something fishy going on, Dax mused, as he rounded around corner and noticed the lack of human activity in the Hartford mansion. He found Mr. Hartford and Spencer in the command center, busy at work, and when he asked where everyone was, he was told that the team was busy tracing down a clue to the next jewel in Canada.

His shoulders slumped as he made his way to the rec room, poking a stray ball on the pool table as he found the nearest couch and sprawled on it.


The indignant shout made him bolt upright as the body beneath him protested. “Oh! Sorry Mack, didn’t see you there.” He rubbed the back of his head as he took a seat in the empty chair next to the couch.

The newest Red Ranger rubbed his stomach as he shook his head, “Nah, my fault lying down while reading.” He held up a book, “I never got to finish this because I fell asleep in my hammock.”

Dax peered at the book. In large letters across the top, he could read “The Baron’s Betrayal,” with a man’s face below it. “Huh,” he mused, “Sounds interesting.”

Mack grinned, placing the book in front of him again as his eyes glazed over, “This is the newest book in the series. The Baron, the main guy, gets betrayed by his best and loyal friend and not only does he have to deal with that, but he has to save the one he loves and the world. It’s really cool.”

Dax nodded, thinking about it, “It would make a great movie, that’s for sure…” He grinned, “Maybe I could play the Baron!”

Mack appeared to think about it, but shook his head, “I dunno, Dax, they described the Baron to the T in this, it’d be kinda hard for you to get this role.” He looked sympathetic, “They’d probably give the role to someone like my dad, but I’m sure would be a great Baron.” He smiled reassuringly at the Blue Ranger, but all it did was make Dax’s heart stop for a millisecond. Dax didn’t stammer, didn’t pause, just returned the smile. Sometimes being an actor paid off.

He wasn’t sure why, but ever since he agreed to be a Ranger, ever seen he saw the other boy, Dax was intrigued. He and the other Rangers were recruited to find five jewels that would save the earth, and their mentor’s son happened to walk in, curious to why everyone was there, and they just assumed he was in the same boat as the rest of them.

Come to think of it, all the Rangers were something special. Rose, the child genius, Ronny the famous racecar driver, and Will, the spy who could steal anything, get into anything locked.

And then there was Dax, the stunt actor. Maybe that’s why he felt such a connection with the other man. Both didn’t seem to have a set place in the team.

That reminded him… “Hey Mack, how come you’re not on the super special mission with the others?”

Mack seemed to ponder this, tapping the front of his book, “Hm, well, why aren’t you?”

Dax blinked. Huh?

He must have looked confused, because Mack quickly responded with, “Well, you’re not on the mission either. Maybe my dad only needed Rose, Ronny and Will.”

The Overdrive Blue Ranger tilted his head. Maybe, maybe that’s why he wasn’t told of the mission to begin with. He realized belatedly that Mack was still talking.

“--I mean, Dad didn’t tell me about any mission, though I’m sure he’s still kinda sore about me being a Ranger instead of him, but I’m sure he’s okay with it, he gave the morpher in the end after all.”

He nodded, showing he was still listening, but his mind continued to wander. Being a Ranger was certainly a new experience for Dax, and he could tell it was something wonder for Mack.

He leaned back in his chair, staring up at the ceiling as Mack followed suit on the couch. Silence settled between them, but it wasn’t awkward, just content. At least, as content as one could be when one was a Ranger.

It didn’t last very long. Their trackers beeped, and the two shared a look before going to the command center. Duty calls.
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